Animal Control

Stray & Surrendered Animals

Animal Control will pick up animals that are stray or surrendered by owners. If needed, traps can be set for stray or unwanted animals.

Dead Animals

Animal control is also responsible for picking up dead animals. This includes picking up animals from:

  • Banks
  • Businesses that serve food
  • Doctors' offices
  • Main streets
  • Parking lots
  • Various public locations

It is the responsibility of homeowners to bring dead animals to the edge of the road (preferably bagged) for Animal Control to pick up.

Animal Ordinances

Pet owners need to be responsible for not only properly feeding, sheltering, and caring for a pet, but for knowing the ordinances created by officials to protect the animal, pet owner, and other community members. The Animal Control Department enforces all city ordinances that pertain to animals.

Animal & Fowl Ordinance

Sad dog with "No" circle with line symbol over it

  • Douglas is a bird and wildlife sanctuary. Within the city limits, it is unlawful to trap, hunt, molest or kill any bird or rob any bird's nest. However, if the birds are considered a "nuisance" then the birds will be destroyed as humanely as possible as deemed advisable by the City Manager.
  • It shall be unlawful to trap, hunt, molest or kill any other wild game in the city limits except by order of the City Manager.
  • Definitions have been added to the Animal Control Ordinance to define abandoned animals, proper shelter, enclosures, dangerous dogs, potential dangerous dogs, and vicious dogs.
  • Animal Control will now have the power to enforce penalties on owners and confiscate animals of owners who are in violation of the new ordinances. In addition, the new ordinance also addresses guidelines for the trainers of protection/guard dogs and backyard breeders (kennels).
  • It also shall be unlawful for an owner to restrain an animal by means of tether, chain, cable, rope or cord, unless the tether or other restraint is being held by a competent person. An exception shall be made for the limited purpose of allowing the owner to temporarily restrain the animal by such means to allow the animal's needs to be met, such as the time necessary to clean the animal's living quarters, feed, and water.

View the ordinance in its entirety.

For More Information

For more information about Animal Control, contact the Marshall/Code Enforcement Office at (912) 389-3462, or email.