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Utility Billing & Collections
Tommy Harrell Website.jpg
Tommy Harrell
Utility Billing and Collections Service Manager

224 E. Bryan St.
Douglas, GA  31533

Ph: (912) 389-3408
Fx: (912) 384-6730

Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
The Utility Billing and Collections Department is responsible for the billing and collection of four utility services: electric, gas, water, and sewer.

The department is also responsible for the management of 6,000 residential and business utility accounts. The department bills customers monthly and maintains a(n):
  • After-hours payment drop box
  • Drive-through window
  • Online payment option
  • Payment service counter


Utility Payment Options
Beginning July 1, 2013, the City of Douglas will offer options for customers to pay their monthly utility bills. 

Average Monthly Payment Plan
(AMP) - Customers, who are not under a contract payment plan and have a 12 month billing history,  can choose to have bills set to a monthly average plan.  Under this plan, the billing will be a rolling average.  Customers will not have a large “settle up” to do, at the end of the twelve (12) months, if they do not stop the plan because of too high or too low averages.  The customer may stop the AMP plan at any time during business hours, but, must know that stopping the plan would cause them to settle their bill and they must pay the difference in the billing amount.  Customers will not be allowed to start another AMP plan for a full 12 months.  While on the AMP plan, the customer will NOT be eligible for a Contract Payment Plan since this is a payment plan where bills are averaged.

Contract Payment Plan
- Customers must complete a Utility Committee Form prior to 8:31am on the day Customer Service is actually disconnecting customers in the particular Ward for non-pay.  The Customer Service Manager or one appointed by him will review these forms to validate eligibility by initialing the form and dating.  Any request by a customer for a Contract Payment Plan must be documented on the Utility Committee Form.  Each customer is allowed one (1) request for the Contract Payment Plan every twelve (12) months from his/her prior Contract Payment Plan issue date.  The only exception is for Senior Citizens, age 55 or older.  Senior Citizens, age 55 or older, are allowed two (2) requests per year if needed to help with high utility bills as long as the bill with the last payment of the prior Contract Payment Plan has been paid in full.  

Online Payment Options
The Online Bill Pay is now Accessible!!! Customers will need to setup a new username (using your email address) and password. In creating an account, you will need the amount of your last payment made on your account and account number.

Please contact the Customer Service Department at (912) 389-3499 for any utility billing questions.

Staff Directory
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City of Douglas
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