Broxton Rocks

A Natural Wonder

Broxton Rocks Elliottia Racemosa

Located within Georgia's sandy, coastal plains, the Broxton Rocks offer plants native to the tropics and the Appalachian Mountains. This beautiful attraction has been named:

  • A natural wonder
  • One of Coffee County's most beautiful tourist attractions
  • One of "Georgia's Hidden Treasures" by WSB-TV
  • One of the "30 Natural Wonders in Georgia to See Before You Die" by the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Plant & Animal Species

Botanists come from all over the United States to study the Rocks' 530 plant species, some of them threatened or endangered. Sharing the sandy landscape of the Rocks are Indigo snakes, gopher tortoises, more than 100 bird species, and a host of mammals and reptiles.


Because of the fragile, endangered plant and animal species populating the Broxton Rocks, tours are limited to only a few times per year. To inquire about tours, email The Nature Conservancy directly at (404) 873-6946.

General Tour Information (PDF)

For More Information

Please view the Nature Conservancy website for information regarding the Broxton Rocks. Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoise Marshallia ramosa.jpg

Marshallia Oramosa BroxtonRocksWaterfall.JPG

Photo credit: Nate Thomas